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Climate Change

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Why Wild Works

Weirder temperatures, fluctuating precipitation, and loss of suitable habitat are often associated with climate change – these things seem so out of reach and can leave us wondering what the next best steps could possibly be. After all, individuals can only make so much impact, right? Nature and other natural…
March 26, 2024
Climate ChangeGreener Living

The Climate Case For Long Underwear

When people think of actions they can take to cut their global warming pollution, they typically think first of big, high-tech changes like buying an electric car or installing solar panels on their home. These can certainly have a large impact, but they typically require a big expenditure up-front (even…
January 2, 2024
Climate ChangeGreener Living

In Appreciation of Winter

Winter’s not as long in Kansas City as it is in, say, Minnesota, but it’s long enough for most of us. While climate change is erratically spiking some very warm days even in December, we can generally count on it being cold, unpredictably icy or snowy, and somewhat gray for…
December 15, 2023