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The mission of Heartland Tree Alliance is to engage people of the Greater Kansas City region to take action and advocate for a healthy community forest.

Heartland Tree Alliance educates people about all the critically important benefits created by urban trees, why these trees need extra care, and the proper ways to give them that care. We also organize planting events, pruning events and tree care workdays so people can get involved. Since 2005, HTA volunteers have donated over 13,000 hours of time! The efforts put forth from these volunteers has enabled HTA to plant 17,874 trees, prune 3,264, and maintain an additional 2,527 trees by mulching or removing tree stakes.

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Shape the future of our region's urban tree canopy by making a donation to the Heartland Tree Alliance's Tree Fund.

Every dollar donated supports efforts across the metropolitan region.

The Heartland Tree Alliance's Tree Fund supports tree planting events and education programs across the Kansas City region.

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heartland tree alliance FY 20-21 accomplishments

  • Accomplishment Logo 1,081

    volunteer hours worked

  • Accomplishment Logo 1,645

    trees planted

  • Accomplishment Logo 27

    citizens trained as TreeKeepers & OrchardKeepers

  • Accomplishment Logo 175

    youth educated about trees


Join us in creating a sustainable community.

Calling all tree lovers! Volunteer with Bridging The Gap’s Heartland Tree Alliance (HTA) program! At our workdays, we explain why it’s important to maintain and increase our urban tree canopy, then we split into small groups to prune, plant or mulch small trees. We work throughout the metropolitan area, on both sides of the state line.

1,800 people volunteer with BTG each year. Be part of the movement!

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Heartland Tree Alliance can provide a speaker for your next meeting! Our presentations are designed for neighborhood associations, businesses, and other groups in the Kansas City region.

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HTA Steering Committee

Kim Bomberger

NC and NE District Community Forester
Kansas Forest Service

Dustin Branick

Horticulture and Forestry Supervisor
City of Leawood Kansas

Corey Creed

Horticulture Specialist
University of Missouri Extension

Chuck Conner

Community Forester
Missouri Department of Conservation

Leslie Dick

Belton Tree Board Member/Volunteer
Belton Missouri

Jared Lind

Park Maintenance Crew Leader
City of Lenexa Kansas

Lynn Loughary

Horticulture Extension Agent
Kansas State Extension Services

Janese Reed

Small Business Owner
Kansas City Missouri

Wendy Sangster

Community Forester
Missouri Department of Conservation

Geoff Vossen

Transmission and Distribution Vegetation Manager
Kansas City Power & Light

Robert Whitman

Associate Vice President, Landscape Architect
Gould Evans Architects

Heartland Tree Alliance Staff

  • Sarah Crowder

    Program Manager, ISA Certified Arborist, Municipal Specialist SO-5327AM

  • Joe Wheelock

    Program Coordinator

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What's happening now

Reflections on summer’s heat

Climate scientists predict an increase in the number of extreme heat days for the KC metro area in the coming years, and this summer seemed to align with that forecast. Two of our programs, Heartland Tree Alliance and the KCMO Recycling Drop-off Centers, take an informal measure of its impact on their work over this past … Continued

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Saving Trees During Construction

Land is constantly undergoing development throughout the Kansas City area. Apartments are built on formerly “vacant” lots, farmland is turned into suburbia, ranch-style homes turn into mansions, garages are added, driveways are repaved, irrigation is installed and patios double in size. Whatever the reason for construction, let’s observe what is on our land first to … Continued

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Mimosa Webworm in Kansas City

Have you noticed trees with brown leaves and what looks like spider webbing all over them? The culprit is most likely the mimosa webworm (Homadaula anisocentra)! These caterpillars are occasional pests of the mimosa tree and several varieties of honey locust. Life Cycle: This pest produces two overlapping generations per year. The first generation typically … Continued

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Japanese Beetles in Kansas City

It’s that time of year again – adult Japanese beetles (Papillia japonica) have emerged! In short time, you’ll likely notice significant feeding damage from these pesky beetles.  We field a lot of concerns about the Japanese beetle each year, but oftentimes they are not detrimental to plants. Your plants will likely survive damage Japanese beetles … Continued

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