Program Mission

Kansas City WildLands is a coalition of resource professionals, private conservation organizations and conservation-minded citizens established to restore and conserve the remnants of Kansas City’s original landscape by involving people in the stewardship of the land.

Relatively undisturbed prairie, glade, savanna and forest natural communities still exist on public lands in the metro area, but they need our help! Over time, these remnant wild places have been overtaken by trees and brush, invaded by exotic plants and deprived of the natural processes that maintained them.

In addition to a lack of management, these natural communities also suffer from a lack of recognition and appreciation by the urban public. An equally important dual goal of the WildLands coalition is to involve citizens and metro communities in the care of these lands that represent Kansas City’s natural heritage.

KC Wildlands Projects

Learn more about the KC Wildlands Projects, and how YOU can get involved!

Kansas City WildLands FY 18-19 Accomplishments

  • Accomplishment Logo 2,476

    Volunteer Hours Worked

  • Accomplishment Logo 64

    Workdays Hosted

  • Accomplishment Logo 84

    Species of Wildflowers our Seed Team Collected

  • Accomplishment Logo 250+

    Invasive Cedar Trees Removed at our Annual Cedar Tree Event

Hike a Wildland

The wild lands await! Many people are unaware that there are so many beautiful, undisturbed natural areas in the Kansas City region. Come out and take a walk and visit these living natural history lessons.

Find a Hike Near You.

Currently WildLands volunteers help to restore thirteen remnant sites within the Kansas City metropolitan region. These are some of the most diverse, beautiful places in the Midwest ... we challenge you to visit all 13!

Hike a Wildland

Volunteer with WildLands!

Join us in conserving, protecting, and restoring our wildlands.

Calling all nature enthusiasts! Volunteer with Bridging The Gap’s Kansas City WildLands (KCWL) program! At our workdays, we explain why it’s important protect and restore our native ecosystem, then we split into small groups to remove and treat invasive plants. We work on designated WildLands (native forests and prairies) throughout the metropolitan area, on both sides of the state line.

1,800 people volunteer with BTG each year. Be part of the movement!

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Invasive Species

An under-story shrub in woodlands, Asian bush honeysuckles invades quickly and out-competes native plants. Because it leafs out so early, the shrub steals light from native plants that need a sunny forest floor in spring in order to flower, fruit, and gather energy for the next year. Birds and small animals eat the berries and deposit the seeds elsewhere, spreading this noxious weed. Learn to identify this aggressive invader, and then kill it before it spreads more seeds elsewhere.

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KCWL Steering Committee

Matt Garrett

Field Biologist
Johnson County Parks and Recreation District

Lance Jessee

Citizen Representative

Ginevera Moore

Midwest Field Representative
The Conservation Fund

Mary Nemecek

Burroughs Audubon Society

Larry Rizzo

Habitat Architects

Chad Scholes

Biology Professor
Rockhurst University

Megan Shumaker

Environmental Chair
Shumaker Family Foundation

Kansas City WildLands Staff

  • Linda Lehrbaum

    Program Manager

KCWL sponsors + partners

What's happening now

Pitch Best of KC 2019

We are SO PROUD to have made the Pitch’s Best of Kansas City 2019!   KC Wildlands is preserving spaces we didn’t even know we had “Kansas City will never be known as a destination for outdoor enthusiasts. We’re at peace with that. But don’t let that knowledge fool you into believing we don’t have … Continued

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Join the KC WildLands Annual Honeysuckle Battle!

To Battle! Join in our Annual Honeysuckle Battle to help restore Kansas City’s beautiful wild lands. On Saturday, November 2, Kansas City WildLands will host two public work days–one at Ogg Road Prairie in Shawnee Mission Park and one at the Hidden Valley natural area located north of the river. We will be cutting and stump … Continued

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By Kristin Riott Executive Director, Bridging The Gap   If you, like me, have been worried about climate change for a long time, the publication of the book Drawdown is a deep draught of water during a long walk through the desert:  you can go on with renewed hope and vigor.  Drawdown, edited by leading … Continued

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Volunteers Honored at Appreciation Lunch

On January 17, 2019 Bridging The Gap honored our volunteers with a volunteer appreciation luncheon held at the Kauffman Conference Center. This event was a rare and unique opportunity to gather BTG volunteers across all programs into one room, thanks to a volunteer appreciation grant from Cargill Cares!  The lunch was sold-out, with more than … Continued

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