Program Mission

We're working to help our community save water and energy at home.

Bridging The Gap offers many ways to help you conserve water and energy at home with rain barrels, free home conservation kits, and more!

Install A Rain Garden

Attractive, low-maintenance rain gardens require less watering while helping to improve water quality and protect our local streams and waterways.

Get a free native garden template

Usually small in design, these gardens capture and hold rain water and allow that water to soak slowly into the ground, filtering pollutants. Pick the template that fits your yard best: full-sun, dry-sun, shade, and dry-shade.


Program Accomplishments FY 20-21

  • Accomplishment Logo 180M

    Gallons of water saved with installed water-saving devices and toilet replacements

  • Accomplishment Logo 420

    Homes visited

  • Accomplishment Logo 2,511

    Water conservation devices installed in homes

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