Many materials are accepted at the Bridging the Gap Community Recycling Centers that aren’t accepted curbside! Please view on the categories below to see what qualifies as a recycled material.

  • Aluminum Foil

    Includes aluminum foil wrap, pie plates, roasting pans. Rinse clean. No foil-like plastics (such as potato chip bags). Place in the scrap metal.

  • Clothing and Fabric

    In good, clean condition: clothing, shoes, coats, drapes, towels, throw rugs, stuffed animals etc. Place in closed plastic bags (no boxes). No bed pillows. No wet items. (Red Bridge location only)

  • Cans - Steel and Aluminum

    Includes food and beverage cans. Rinse. Okay to leave the paper labels. No mineral spirits, gasoline or other solvent cans.

  • Books

    Includes hard cover, soft cover, encyclopedias & thick catalogs.

  • Small Handheld Communication Devices

    Includes cell phones, chargers, cell phone batteries, MP3 players, Digital cameras, GPS units, iPods and laptops. No cordless home phones. No large computers, monitors, televisions or stereo equipment. (Red Bridge location only)

  • Corrugated Cardboard

    Includes flat-finish corrugated cardboard boxes. Flatten boxes. Remove excessive tape/staples.

  • Glass Bottles and Jars

    Includes food and beverage bottles and jars. Please rinse. All colors welcome, no need to separate by color. Glass candle jars and votives accepted, even if they still have wax. Remove lids. No dishes of any kind including bakeware, china plates, & Pyrex. No crystal glasses, light bulbs or flat panes of glass. No safety glass (shower doors, car windshields, etc). Metal lids, foil, etc. go with scrap metal.

  • Small Household Items: (Red Bridge location only)

    In working condition: kitchenware, houseware, toys, sporting goods, linens, etc. Clean and in working order, pack in boxes or bags. Take care with breakables. These goods are donated. (Red Bridge location only)

  • Magazines

    Includes shiny-paged magazines, catalogs, brochures and coupons.

  • Newspaper

    Includes newspaper, newsprint, sale ads and coupons. Place in bin loose or in paper grocery bag. No plastic bags, string, twine or plastic banding. Brown paper sacks. Moving packing paper.

  • Office Paper

    Includes copier paper, stationary, file folders, envelopes (non-manila), letters, brochures, cards. OK to leave staples. Remove spirals, rubber bands and paper clips. Please no carbon paper, bubble envelopes, Tyvek envelopes or embellished paper (glitter or foil).

  • Packing Materials (Red Bridge location only)

    Includes packing peanuts and bubble wrap. Secure in a closed plastic bag (no boxes). Materials available for free to recycling center patrons. See staff for information. (Red Bridge location only)

  • Paperboard

    Includes shiny corrugated boxes, non-corrugated boxes (soft-drink, cereal, gift boxes), paper towel rolls, manila envelopes, phone books & packing inserts. Clean and flatten. Remove plastic windows, handles, non-paper over wraps and liners. No tissue paper, waxed products, milk or orange juice cartons.

  • Phone Books

    Includes white and yellow pages. Place with paperboard.

  • Plastic Containers

    Includes #1 – #7. Please separate plastics from other materials. All food containers should be rinsed and free of food residue. Can also recycle planter pots, if rinsed and free of dirt/soil. NO styrofoam of any type!

  • Scrap Metal

    Includes chain link fence, chicken wire, sheet metal, aluminum window frames, bike frames, bike parts, garden tools, nuts, bolts, screws, nails, metal office furniture, springs, electrical wire, bottle caps, etc. Leave plastic casing on electrical wire. Remove all non-metal components such as plastic or wood handles or wheels. Remove all glass.

  • Toner and Inkjet Cartridges

    Includes rechargeable toner and inkjet cartridges from printers or photocopiers. When possible, keep in original packaging.