What Will Your Company’s ‘One Thing’ Be?







What is the One Thing Waste Challenge?
Businesses across the Kansas City metro are invited to take BTG’s Green Business Network One Thing Waste Challenge in 2020! The challenge encourages a company to pick one material or type of item it’s currently sending to the landfill and find an alternative solution – either through recycling, reuse, or – best of all – elimination.


What kinds of materials or items count?
Anything currently being thrown away counts. This can include the usual suspects like paper, cardboard, plastic, and aluminum. Maybe it’s glass or food waste. Or maybe it’s something more specific to your type of operation.


How does my company participate, and does it cost anything?
It’s simple – just sign up here, and we’ll add you to our list of companies taking the challenge. There’s no cost to sign up.


What will my company be required to do for this challenge?
Participating companies will need to identify the waste item they are working on by submitting the signup form. You’re encouraged to post about your efforts throughout the challenge on social media using #GBNOneThing, and/or send us regular photos and updates so that we can feature you, too. We also ask that you provide us a final update in late October for recognition at our fall social in November. While not required, quantitative data (i.e. amount diverted from landfill, financial savings or costs) is encouraged in telling your story.


How can the Green Business Network help?
As part of the One Thing Waste Challenge, we’re hosting a series of educational events for employees to attend and learn about different recycling and reuse options for common materials. You’ll be inspired by the success stories of other businesses, and we can connect you with others who are working on a similar waste challenge.


How will companies participating in the challenge be recognized?
GBN will highlight participants during the challenge through social media, our e-newsletter and on our website. But the special recognition will come at our annual fall social at Boulevard Brewery in November. Stay tuned for details!


Is there a deadline to sign up?
Companies can sign up anytime prior to the final deadline for submitting your results (a date in late October still to be determined); however, the sooner you sign up to participate, the more opportunities there are for engagement.


What if my company wants to tackle more than one waste item or is already nearing zero waste?
We love that! We’ll recognize you for all the items you remove from going to the landfill as part of this challenge. If you’re already nearing zero waste, this challenge might be more difficult for you than for others just starting out, but we encourage you to keep striving and use this challenge for additional inspiration to cross the finish line! And hopefully, you’ll want to share your journey with others in the challenge.