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Bridging The Gap’s Green Business Network is a network of environmental professionals and business people who all share a common goal: making sustainable business decisions that protect our natural resources AND make good business sense.

Basically, we’re a group of people who share a passion for all things sustainable in the workplace. For some of us, sustainability is our job. We’re sustainability coordinators, company green team leaders, environmental consultants or offer a green service or product. Others of us want to see our workplace become more sustainable or have a personal passion for going green. Since 1999, the Green Business Network has educated, connected and inspired hundreds of metro area businesses to implement sustainable initiatives in the workplace.

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An annual membership helps you capitalize on the experiences of your peers who are ready to help facilitate your journey toward responsible business decisions.

Do good work. Support good work.

Join a group of Kansas City area businesses who share their environmental successes and challenges, exchange ideas, and encourage one another to make sound operational decisions that not only save resources but often save money. Events highlight sustainability efforts taking place in businesses across the region, and members receive free or reduced admission to events.

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The passion and expertise of our members make us who we are – a great network of sustainably-minded businesses

The Green Business Network has more than 60 member organizations and individuals from all different sectors, large and small. Collectively, members bring years of experience in energy efficiency management, waste reduction and recycling, water conservation, green team leadership, native landscaping, green office cleaning, green purchasing and more for businesses.

Meet A Member

Meet a Green Business Network member - Cassandra Krul, a program analyst and green team leader at EPA Region 7, to learn more about the EPA’s focus and her background in sustainability

Meet Cassandra

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What's happening now

The Inflation Reduction Act + Climate Change

I’m a tough old bird, but when I got the news that the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) had passed through the House and Senate—projectile tears. For the first time, the United States government is putting what in my opinion is the proper priority on the threat of climate change to the web of life on … Continued

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Saving Trees During Construction

Land is constantly undergoing development throughout the Kansas City area. Apartments are built on formerly “vacant” lots, farmland is turned into suburbia, ranch-style homes turn into mansions, garages are added, driveways are repaved, irrigation is installed and patios double in size. Whatever the reason for construction, let’s observe what is on our land first to … Continued

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Mimosa Webworm in Kansas City

Have you noticed trees with brown leaves and what looks like spider webbing all over them? The culprit is most likely the mimosa webworm (Homadaula anisocentra)! These caterpillars are occasional pests of the mimosa tree and several varieties of honey locust. Life Cycle: This pest produces two overlapping generations per year. The first generation typically … Continued

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Meet a Member: Cassandra Krul | EPA Region 7

We recently chatted with Cassandra Krul, a program analyst and green team leader, to talk about the EPA’s focus and her background in sustainability.   Cassandra Krul has worked at the Environmental Protection Agency Region 7 for over three years. During her career there she has managed grants, led and assisted with special projects, in addition to leading … Continued

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GBN Steering Committee

Trent Thompson

Johnson County, Kansas

Kerry Herndon

Retired, US EPA Region VII

Donna Grime

ATC Associates

Matt Riggs

MARC Solid Waste Management District

Gerald Shechter

City of Kansas City, Missouri

Emily Sullivan

Hallmark Cards

Cassandra Ford

The Recycling Partnership


  • Leslie Barland

    Green Business Network Program Manager

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