We are an equal opportunity employer and understand the value of having a team with a diversity of experiences and perspectives to optimize our potential for compassion, collaboration, creativity, and excellence in service. We encourage people from all backgrounds and perspectives to apply!

Employment Opportunities

Green Steward – Green Infrastructure Maintenance Worker (3 Openings)
As a member of the Green Stewards team, you will develop the skills to clean and maintain the City’s rain gardens, detention ponds, and stormwater basins, also known as green infrastructure, which cities around the world are using to absorb stormwater and prevent flooding. As part of this workforce development program, crew members will be exposed to job opportunities in green industries while building skills. 

New hires will work in the Green Stewards Program for an average of 18 months, after which you will be assisted in applying for permanent positions at the City’s Water or Parks departments, in the landscape or related industry, or at a non-profit.  

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Internship Opportunities

Spring Semester 2022

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Volunteer Opportunities

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