Upcoming Docket to help KS make Energy Efficiency a Priority

BTG wants to inform our supporters about a docket we learned about in a presentation delivered by the Climate and Energy Project (CEP). We feel this is an important docket that could help Kansas join several other states in making energy efficiency a priority.

Kansas City Power and Light (KCP&L) Public Utility is proposing a portfolio of energy efficiency programs in Kansas to the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC). The proposed programs are in accordance with KEEIA – the Kansas Energy Efficiency Investment Act signed into law in 2014, which allows public utility companies to propose energy efficiency programs that will incentivize energy savings to its customers. The act also allows the public utility to recover its program costs during the program period, which in this case is 3 years.

The programs are for both residential and commercial customers and they are designed to meet customers where they currently are with regard to energy efficiency updates. Among the proposed programs are retrofits and rebates to help customers save energy.The Kansas Corporation Commission has opened a docket to consider KCPL’s proposed programs and are currently accepting public comments until the hearing date. The hearing date has been postponed but CEP is anticipating it to happen in the next month or so. CEP is urging businesses and individuals who want to support the docket to submit comments as soon as possible, and not later than the first week of Nov.To learn more about the docket and to find samples of letters and key points to work into a letter to the KCC, visit the Climate and Energy Project’s website or contact program director Jamie Hofling at hofling@climateandenergy.org.

CEP also has a complete presentation they can offer groups, if you or your company would like to host them please get in touch with Jamie.If you are on the Missouri side, CEP is looking for Missouri businesses and individuals who have taken advantage of the opportunities. If you would be willing to share your experience, please contact Jamie.For any other questions contact program director;
Jamie Hofling