UMKC – Occupancy Sensors with HVAC

GBN blog UMKCUMKC, an urban university nestled in the heart of Kansas City’s urban core, sees sustainability as a vital component to the quality of life it provides to its students, faculty and the community at large. Thinking outside the box, UMKC is utilizing occupancy sensors to control not only lighting but HVAC as well. The school is replacing existing pneumatic controls with direct digital controls tied to occupancy sensors in a room. The occupancy sensors the lighting AND the HVAC system by setting back the space temperature with the lights are off to save on heating and cooling energy.

UMKC’s commitment to sustainability goes way beyond this one project. Since 2011, the university’s Volunteer Energy Management Group has continued to work on creating an action and education plan to reduce energy usage on campus and at home. UMKC’s Campus Facilities Management Department continues to the lead the way with recent energy projects such as the Performing Arts Center 25 KW Solar Array, HVAC controls retrofits, energy saving window film and LED lighting retrofits.


UMKC received the Gold Award for Lighting at the 2015 Kansas City Industrial Council’s Sustainability Awards Breakfast.