Turn Hope Into Action

A Year-End Letter From BTG’s Executive Director

People often ask us “Is there hope?”   
Climate change, habitat destruction, threatened species, plastic-filled oceans, and the other environmental problems we’re up against are daunting. 
Our answer is yes, there is hope—and a lot of it. Awareness and acceptance of climate change’s reality are at new heights. Governments and the private sector are realizing that environmental solutions are inexpensive compared with the true cost of the alternative. Locally, our partners and leaders are crafting detailed new climate action plans and working to ensure that equity is front and center. 

At BTG, the act of planting a tree or native prairie plant establishes an upward spiral of hope: new habitat, cleaner air, carbon sequestration, and more. Simply picking up litter along a stream or in a neighborhood, reducing a family’s utility bills through efficiency measures, or hiring someone with barriers to employment, changes the outlook for our city’s residents, be they fish or people.   
The actualization of hope is well-considered, persistent action.

Action gives hope legs and hands. With the help of 1,800 volunteers and hundreds of donors each year, BTG takes action—rebuilding our tree canopy, restoring local prairies, recycling, making homes and businesses more energy- and water-efficient. And just when we’re getting a little tired, new volunteers like you give us more energy. Just when we’re a little worried about funding, your generous donations come in, too.   
You keep us hopeful, and we hope we keep you hopeful. Will you help us continue to turn hope into action with a year-end donation to BTG? 

With belief in our ability to create a better future, 

Kristin Riott, Executive Director
Bridging The Gap