Top 5 Reasons to be an Arborist

According to Kansas City area arborists 

Last week, the Heartland Tree Alliance team attended the 66th annual Shade Tree Conference hosted by the Kansas Arborists Association. This event brings together tree care professionals, arborists, foresters and friends from Kansas and surrounding states to catch up and learn. 

We asked some Kansas Certified Arborists why they like being arborists: 

#1 Suits a variety of interests.

Machines, tending to plants, climbing, office work, research, education, ecology, public relations. Whatever you fancy, there’s a job in the field. 

“Being an arborist is one of the gnarliest jobs to do. Climbing, chainsaws, views and big trucks. What more could you ask for!” – Dallas Stephens, Owner, Arb Tech 

“Being an arborist is the best of both worlds! You get to help the environment while making client’s spirits happier and their yards and trees safer!” – Rebecca Potorff, Wildcat Tree Service 

#2 Lasting impact.

No matter the role or employer type, arborists protect trees and people through everyday conversations and demonstrating quality tree care. Both proper tree care and tree planting have hugely positive impacts on the environment and wellbeing of all living things. 

“I like interacting with people and teaching them something new. I like to know that my work will last for generations.” – Sarah Crowder, Heartland Tree Alliance 

#3 Doesn’t get old.

All trees are different so it’s consistently new and exciting. In most roles, your “office” is a different yard, park or street every day. If you’re ever ready to move on from your role, there are new opportunities with easy transitions. Research is always evolving too. 

“I get to work outside, I get to be physical, and the work is new every single day.” – Alex Lathrop, Owner, Main Street Tree Care 

#4 Low barrier to entry and low-cost educational opportunities.

Doesn’t require a degree and there are several networks to join that offer education and certifications including Kansas Arborists Association, ISA and TCIA. Many employers will pay for associated costs and some training and certifications are free. 

“I love being an arborist for so many reasons. Most of all, the industry thrives on everyday people. You can get a job that will equip you, train you, certify and employ you for the rest of your life. You don’t have to go to college, you just have to want it. Work hard and make a good life, no matter where you started.” – Nick Goergen, Urban Tree Specialists 

#5 Tree people!

This field brings together all kinds of awesome people with a common thread: a love of trees in some capacity. Conversations with clients and community members about trees are usually fun and fruitful too. If you work as part of a tree care crew, you’ll find an unmatched sense of comradery by doing that dangerous, challenging and beautiful work together. 

“I get to work outdoors and indoors, and I love the network of people I’ve come to know through the profession.” – Jesse Kirk, City Arborist, Mission Hills 

Greater Kansas City needs more arborists and tree stewards! Tree care companies are hiring and our wonderful tree canopy needs to be preserved. 

Email Heartland Tree Alliance at to express interest in our upcoming courses, TreeKeepers and TreeCorps. 

Learn about training opportunities, certification requirements or how to care for trees on the Kansas Arborists Association or International Society of Arboriculture websites.