Special Discount for Zero Waste Training

The Green Business Network is excited to announce a special opportunity for businesses to attend the first day of Missouri Recycling Association’s  (MORA) annual conference, which is taking place in Independence, Missouri, this year, at a significantly discounted rate!

Missouri Recycling Association 2018 Annual Conference
Tuesday, September 11
8 AM – 6:30 PM
Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center

Cost $95/per person (Cost to attend one day of MORA conference is regularly $270). Registration includes:

  • A 4-hour Zero Waste Training for Business Workshop
  • Lunch featuring Keynote Speaker Damon Carson with Repurposed Materials, Inc.
  • Access to exhibit hall and two afternoon business sessions. The first session will offer case studies of local businesses who have implemented zero waste programs followed by a 2nd session that will highlight local resources available for zero waste programs.
  • One drink ticket for afternoon exhibitor reception
  • One-year trial membership in the Missouri Recycling Association ($150 value)

Register for this special invitation.

More about the Zero Waste Training Course for Businesses:

The Missouri Recycling Association proudly presents this introductory class that provides the basics for businesses who want to take their recycling programs to the next level. Zero Waste USA Vice-President Gary Liss will show attendees the importance of measuring what is wasted; how to plan for Zero Waste; and highlight businesses that have already decreased their trash bills dramatically by diverting over 90% from landfills, incineration and the environment.  The class will develop a Zero Waste Plan for a business based on the principles learned in class. This workshop is appropriate for both small and large businesses.

  • Find out why businesses are embracing Zero Waste
  • Learn how to become a Zero Waste Business
  • Cut trash costs and figure out how to address decreased markets for recyclables
  • Go Zero Waste without breaking the bank

Includes Certificate of Completion after passing Exam and submittal of Evaluation.

For more information about registration, contact Angie Gehlert, Email:  angie@mora.org

For more information about the class: gary@garyliss.com