UPDATE: Rigid Plastics Program Ending

UPDATE 10.27.2017: Unfortunately, due to the weak plastic recycling market, we will no longer be able to accept Rigid/Durable Plastics at the Deramus Recycling Center effective Saturday, 11/18/17. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

KCMO’s Community Recycling Center located at 4707 Deramus Avenue now accepts RIGID PLASTICS for recycling. Make sure that buckets, tubs and jugs are empty; playsets and shelving are disassembled and metal components are removed from items (don’t worry about small screws). One final note, no pieces larger than 3’ by 5’ can be accepted.

Acceptable items include plastics like:

  • five gallon buckets
  • storage crates
  • tubs
  • baskets
  • shelving
  • plastic furniture
  • large jugs
  • large outdoor toys


To see a full list of what BTG accepts at the Community Recycling Centers, please click here.