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Bridging The Gap has been conducting Business Recycling Consultations for the past five years. We’ve helped over 100 businesses increase their diversion rates including some of the region’s top firms; Burns & McDonnell, Chiefs, Veolia, and Faultless Starch.

We offer simple steps to help you begin, as well as provide ongoing solutions to allow your business to be as green as possible. If you are selected to participate in our program, we offer:

  • Solutions for recycling improvement by researching vendors and/or new outlets for materials, which may include a menu of haulers, pricing, and potential rebate programs.
  • Suggestions for expansion to capture materials like organics, glass and electronics.
  • Recommendations for appropriate bins and proper placement in the facility.
  • Tailored recycling signage for your system.
  • Help re-negotiating hauling contracts (if needed).
  • Education through presentations, content for internal websites/newsletters, and the training of green teams and/or department leaders.

Services Offered

Bridging The Gap has been working on recycling programs for 25 years! We employ top experts in the region who have forged strong relationships with local vendors and haulers. Often, Bridging the Gap can set up a recycling or waste-reduction program faster, cheaper, and with better results than hiring an outside firm.

If your business is interested, we can help by offering waste audit consulting and zero waste to landfill consulting. This fee varies per business so please contact us for an estimate. More information below.


BTG can provide waste audit services, consisting of a full analysis of your company’s waste stream. The audit will identify types of waste generated, categorize recyclable and non-recyclable materials, and a calculation of your current diversion rate.  This service includes a written report with full audit results and recommendations for increasing recoverable material. Past clients include Burns & McDonnell.


BTG can provide expertise in assisting your business in the process of going Zero Waste to Landfill, wherein your waste system is restructured so that all products are reused or recycled, and little, to no waste is sent to landfills.  Our services include a full waste assessment, help in the creation of an internal sustainability team, finding haulers and/or outlets for difficult waste streams, creation of metrics to track waste and diversion, creation of internal recycling collection areas, personalized signage, employee training and long-term system troubleshooting.  Typically the process takes 6-12 months. Kansas City is very fortunate to have Systech Environmental and Missouri Organic, two vendors that make going zero waste to landfill a possibility.

“Bridging The Gap has been an invaluable partner to support our environmental goals; helping us audit our energy and waste then connecting us with local programs such as composting to take our programs to the next level. We are grateful for their knowledge and partnership.”
-Barkley, which became a Certified B-Corporation in 2020

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Sample Recycling Posters

Bridging The Gap has designed posters to help your employees put items in the correct containers. Examples of our posters include:

  • Co-mingled Recycling
  • Food Composting
  • Landfill
  • Scrap Metal
  • Electronics
  • Plastic Film
  • Waste To Alternative Fuel
  • Glass Recycling

If you would like a larger file to print for your office, please contact us!