Proposed KCMO Tree Preservation Ordinance

The KCMO Neighborhood Planning and Development Committee will consider a proposed Tree Protection and Preservation Ordinance to protect and preserve Kansas City’s tree canopy at 1:30 PM on Wednesday, February 8, in the City Council Chambers, Floor 26.

Testimony can be provided virtually or in-person at the meetings, or emails can be sent to City Council at and City Plan Commission at in advance.

Zoom Link:

Sample Email:

Subject: Support of Chapter 88-424 Tree Preservation and Protection

Body: Trees cool our city, clean our air, reduce stormwater, sequester carbon dioxide and create a vibrant and healthy community for all! Please vote to support the protection of our mature trees in Kansas City.

About the Proposed Ordinance:

The purpose of this ordinance is to protect and preserve Kansas City’s tree canopy as the city continues to develop, recognizing the important role urban forests play in improving our air and water quality, reducing carbon emissions, and improving public health. Specifically, this ordinance would:

  • Add a consideration for acreage of tree canopy disturbed when development plans are submitted.
  • Require mitigation measures if an acre or more of forested areas on a property will be removed. Developers will be asked to mitigate a portion of the trees removed (35%, in line with the City’s established tree canopy goals) by either planting more trees on-site, paying into the City’s existing tree planting fund, or a combination of the two.
  • Make sure any funds generated are used to amplify the City’s existing tree planting strategy, with a priority for addressing areas underserved by our current tree canopy cover and increasing tree maintenance efforts to ensure new trees planted because of this ordinance and our street trees ordinance actually survive.

This ordinance is designed to work in concert with our existing stream buffer and landscaping requirements and is inspired by best practices from other cities throughout our region and country.