Missouri Recycled Products Directory Has New Look

Thanks to its friends at Bridging the Gap, the Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority (EIERA) is putting a new spin on the Missouri Recycled Products Directory. Formerly available in hard copy or as a static document online, the Missouri Recycled Products.

Directory is now an interactive Web site at http://missourirecycledproducts.com. The site allows vendors to upload product descriptions and pictures for posting and provides the ability for users to access and search the directory online and via mobile devices.

“The new site is designed to be user friendly, visually attractive and informative,” said Kristin Allan Tipton, EIERA development director. “Bridging the Gap researched and populated the database of product providers, with and emphasis on Missouri-based manufacturers.”

Bridging the Gap, in consultation with the EIERA, developed and produced the Missouri Recycled Products Web Site.

“We have started to populate the site with recycled products,” said Noelle Morris, programs director for Bridging the Gap. “Missouri-made recycled products are highlighted with a Missouri state icon, so users will know which products are produced locally.”

If you know of vendors for recycled products that need to be listed on the Missouri Recycled Products Directory Web site, please contact Connie Patterson, EIERA, at 573-751-4919 or connie.patterson@eiera.mo.gov.


Missouri Recycled Products Web Page
Missouri Recycled Products Web Page