Nectaring Plants

Monarch butterflies, as well as native pollinators, require nectar and water for survival. Providing these resources in your garden is easy but essential for the support of monarchs and pollinators.


Nectar is a term used to describe a sugary liquid produced by plants to lure insects. This nutritional drink supports the life of innumerable insects, including the pollinators we depend on for food production. Many plants produce nectar, including some of the plants you have in your garden already! We recommend the addition of native nectar plants, to ensure you’re providing nectar resources for a broad range of pollinators and for monarchs. Increasing the diversity of nectar plants in your yard will increase the diversity of insect visitors, providing an oasis for pollinators of all types.



There are hundreds of native nectar plants native to the Kansas City region. Try new plants in your yard and have fun creating a beautiful, safe space for monarchs. Be sure to keep your garden chemical free (no pesticides or herbicides) to protect the insects from harmful effects.


Click here for a few native species that we recommend for your garden!