Meet A Member: GlassBandit

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Jamie Arnold owns GlassBandit, a glass recycling pickup service for homes and businesses operating in parts of Kansas City, Mo.; Kansas City, Kan., and northeast Johnson County.

What’s an interesting fact about your business most people don’t know?
“I’m currently a one-man show. I do all the pickups, marketing, invoicing, and everything else. That said, I’m looking to hire help for pickup soon.”

Tell us about a recent success story you’ve had
“GlassBandit came to an agreement with Mission Woods to provide curbside glass recycling for the entire city. Thanks to Mayor Tietze and the residents of Mission Woods, it gave me enough faith in the business and myself to quit my full-time job and make GlassBandit my primary focus.”

What was the experience or compelling factor that motivated you to join GBN?
“GBN and Bridging the Gap have so much to offer that it really was not just one single factor that motivated me to join. I love the continuous events they put together, the volunteer opportunities offered, and connecting with other GBN members and the people at Bridging the Gap.

As someone doing business in Kansas City, how does the GBN help you?glassbandit-logo
“I’m still new to GBN, but I expect it to help keep me in the know and get me connected with other passionate individuals.”

What’s your earliest memory or inspiration for caring about the environment?
“My family has had a cottage in the Adirondack Mountains for generations. I’ve been going there my entire life and now it is something I’m excited to share with my daughter. Being up there, surrounded by all the nature, has always inspired me to care about and appreciate the environment.”

When you’re not working, where in KC do you like to spend your time?
“I really like 39th We used to live in the neighborhood and still visit often. Lately, I’ve been taking the family to Hi-Dive Lounge on Sundays to watch football.”

What motivates you?
“My customers. It means a lot to me that all these people are giving me a chance to provide them this service. It is important I do right by them and not let them down.”


To Contact GlassBandit:
  • 913-721-6970
  • Facebook – @glassbanditKC