Meet A Member: Lisa Shocke

A Green Business Network Member Spotlight


Meet Lisa Shockea ground-linehaul coordinator for FedEx and a member of the Green Business Network. We recently chatted with Lisa to learn more about her passion for the environment and FedEx’s EarthSmart Champion Program 


Where would you put your company on the path to sustainability?
Corporate social responsibility has long been ingrained in our culture at FedEx.  Environmentally sustainable choices are smart choices, which lead to cost savings and efficiencies.  At FedEx, we connect people and possibilities around the world, responsibly and resourcefully. Building on a philosophy we call Practical Sustainability, we work to multiply efficiencies, minimize impacts and apply innovative solutions to enable opportunities for our business and customers. Central to our Practical Sustainability philosophy are four interconnected building blocks — performance, transparency, innovation, and leadership — that drive strategic, transformational stewardship to strengthen our operations, grow our business, and add value to society 

Tell us about a success story from the past year or two.

In 2017, FedEx Ground launched the EarthSmart Champion Program.  The EarthSmart Champion Program is a sustainability engagement structure, created with the help of all employees in response to growing interest in sustainability programming and initiatives network-wide.  In addition to cultivating engagement, the program also increases awareness of our internal sustainability goals in renewable energy, alternative fuels, waste reduction and energy efficiency.  Of our goals, the champions have the biggest impact on increasing waste diverted from landfill, increasing recycling and reducing energy usage at your facility.  Prior to launching the program, many employees were already leading sustainability initiatives at their facilities, however the program added structure, consistency and support to these existing programs. Today we have 640 EarthSmart Champions at 490 facilities across the US and Canada.  

In FY18 alone FedEx added three new on-site solar installations and FedEx on-site solar generation capacity grew to more than 21 million kWh at 23 facilities in FY18. This is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 2,342 homes. One of our newest renewable energy installations is a FedEx Ground on-site solar project in Hawaii that features our first implementation of energy storage through state-of-the-art Powerwalls, which are rechargeable lithium ion batteries with liquid thermal control.   

Do you have any advice for business owners wanting to incorporate sustainability into their operations? 

Make sustainability habitual, like brushing your teeth. The last thing you want to do is to make sustainability another task for team members.  Our EarthSmart Champions integrate sustainability into every day operations through the choices they make at an individual level to drive change and make a big impact.   

What was the experience or compelling factor that motivated you to join GBN?

As one of the EarthSmart Champions for my company I was looking for ways to help my facility achieve our sustainability goals and I was interested to see ways in which other businesses in our area were moving forward with green solutions. 

As someone doing business in Kansas City, how does the GBN help you? 

At the last Green Business Event I attended I was told that the Johnson County Government would perform a free waste audit for businesses and help them create plans to improve their recycling processes and operate in a more sustainable manner. Our facility decided to take advantage of this and they helped us streamline our recycling process in our building.

What are you passionate about? 

I am passionate about environmental issues. I have my degree in Environmental Science and have spent a lot of time learning about these problems and their solutions. 

What’s your earliest memory or inspiration for caring about the environment?

When I was about 5 or 6 years old, my favorite show was “Captain Planet”. I think that’s where it started. 

What environmental issue is nearest to your heart? 

The issue that I have been most passionate about is the conservation of the wolves in Yellowstone. I have done countless research papers on this issue throughout college and it was always an issue I felt moved by.  

When you’re not working, where in KC do you like to spend your time?

I love bike riding and can frequently be found on the Mill Creek trails. I also love playing softball and boxing.  

What sustainability activities/groups do you engage in/with outside of work? 

I volunteer with Bridging the Gap. I have volunteered for litter cleanup, tree planting and invasive species removal. 



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