KCWL_Arduser collectingOngoing species surveys, from birds to bees to reptiles to plants, are important for the public land managers to better understand how to manage our special remnant natural communities.


KCWL first started surveying species on WildLands sites through a series of BioBlitzes conducted on 5 separate sites from 2002 through 2008. These 24 hour surveys were led by volunteer biologist from all over the Midwest, giving KCWL a great baseline “snapshot” of the diversity of life on each site. These original species lists are still being used today to help us measure the success of our restorations.


KCWL’s partner Burroughs Audubon Society conducts bird, butterfly and dragonfly surveys several times a year on several KCWL sites. Area universities and KCWL volunteers run ongoing surveys for many species of animals, including reptiles and bumble bees.


When funding is available, KCWL hires biologists – experts in their fields – to collect more in depth data on wild land sites. In 2016, funding from Burroughs Audubon and Partners 4 Plants allowed us to contract with Justin Thomas to conduct a flora survey of Jerry Smith prairie, and Mike Arduser to conduct bee surveys at Jerry Smith prairie and Rocky Point Glades. Results of these surveys will be available in the fall of 2016.