Cedar Tree Event

For many several years, Kansas City WildLands’ Cedar Tree Event took place at Mildale Farm in Johnson County, Kansas, as part of the county’s restoration efforts to remove invasive cedar trees from grassland prairie. And the efforts worked! We are working diligently to find another public site in need of invasive cedar tree removal in the hope of being able to resume in future years what has become a family tradition for so many. Stay tuned!

About this event:

Since 2001, Kansas City WildLands’ Cedar Tree Event has helped clear invasive cedars from a total of 7 restoration sites on both sides of the state line, and became an amazing holiday tradition for so many families in the KC region.

The event offers the public an opportunity to remove invasive red cedars and take them home to decorate for the holidays, all while helping to restore wild places to their original health. As part of the event, families enjoyed hayrides, a bonfire, and apple cider.

The good news for the prairies is, thanks to the efforts of thousands of past Cedar Tree event participants, several grasslands have opened back up, allowing so many more species of native plants to thrive again. Thank you!