Penny OakPenny is a magnificent pin oak living in Loose Park in Kansas City, Missouri. She is near the southeast corner of the park and can be seen from Wornall Road. Her value to the city, measured in storm water reduction, improved air quality, higher real estate values, carbon storage, and energy savings is $25,804 per year and growing!


Penny has many friends in Loose Park: Roy, another, very handsome, pin oak (and her secret heartthrob), Lewis, a grumpy scots pine and Percy, a Black walnut,



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Some recent feeds:

  • 25 Oct: Just when I was settling down for my winter nap, we get a few more summer breezes…
  • 25 Oct: Summer breeze, makes me feel fiiiiine… Blowin’ through the acorns in my miiiiiind…
  • 10 Oct: No, Lewis, we do NOT feel sorry for you just because you stay green all year round. You’re a very handsome Scots pine. Yes, really. (Sigh.)
  • 8 Sept: The days are getting shorter and my chlorophyll is starting to talk about bailing. Well, it was nice photosynthesizing with you…