Municipal Partnerships


Cities are loosing hundreds if not thousands of trees annually. With the threat of Emerald Ash Borer and other invasive pests, this number will increase over the next 10 years. To counteract the loss of these benefits, we need to be planting lots and lots of trees. Heartland Tree Alliance relies on municipal partnerships not only in funding but to supply work for our volunteers. There are several exciting new programs that HTA will be piloting in Kansas City Missouri in 2016 & 2017.



FOTD08BHeartland Tree Alliance Academy

Pre-selected packs of Boy Scouts will participate in an educational tree planting workday. The scouts will rotate around five “education stations” where they will learn about tree biology, identification, proper planting techniques, importance of mulch, and forestry careers. Shortly thereafter, the scouts will participate in a workday and will plant up to 825 trees!  Upon completion of the workday, the scouts will earn their Forestry merit badge and other conservation-based requirements.





HTA_WaterwayPark 2015Arboretum Tree Planting

Utilizing park property, HTA will organize and plant Arboretum’s throughout Kansas City. These workdays will including planting 20, 1-inch caliper trees with informational signage. The plantings will have themes such as “Native Trees of Missouri”, “Trees Suitable for Small Yards” and will be an educational tool promoted by HTA and the participating cities.






HTA_Countryside2012Right-of-Way Tree Planting

HTA will be canvasing neighborhoods for suitable tree planting locations and working with the property owners to build excitement and ownership in trees planted within the right-of-way. Educational seminars will be presented to the interested neighbors as well as numerous learning opportunities either hands on or through the HTA website. Adjacent property owners will be asked to sign a two-year pledge to water the newly planted tree(s). Workdays will be organized by HTA and completed by volunteer workforce. We hope to annually plant up to 1,000 trees {additional} through this project.