Keeper Training

Heartland Tree Alliance offers two educational training courses for those looking to learn more about trees. Similar information can be found in both programs however they differ by the area of focus. These are great courses for master gardeners, master naturalists, municipal employees, tree services or anyone looking to learn more about trees!


Course Overview


OrchardKeeper participants receive training in basic arboricultural principles for fruit trees. Through six hours of classroom learning and three hours of outdoor training, participants learn about food security, soils and basic tree biology, site suitability, selection of species, proper planting techniques, common insects and diseases, control methods, fruit management and pruning.


TreeKeeper participants receive training in environmental awareness and basic arboricultural principles for shade trees in our urban environment. Through twelve hours of classroom time and six hours of outdoor training, participants learn about tree identification, site suitability, proper planting techniques, after planting care and pruning.


Upcoming Courses and Full Course Description