Volunteer Workdays

Heartland Tree Alliance’s mission is to advocate for a healthy community forest. With budget constraints and heavy workloads, our community partners need help with not only planting trees but all the important steps of tree care that follow. Typical work days may last between 2-3 hours and are offered during the week and on select Saturdays. Workdays include:

Planting treeTree Planting

Help Heartland Tree Alliance plant more trees in the metro. Depending on the project you might be planting hundreds of small tree seedlings in riparian corridors along a stream or planting 1 inch caliper trees in right-of-ways or city parks. No prior experience is needed, tools are provided and a proper planting discussion will occur before work begins.

Tree MulchingVolunteers mulching

Mulching with a natural hardwood woodchip is vital for young trees. Not only does it protect the trees from lawn mowers and string trimmers it also helps retain moisture during our hot dry months cooling the roots and breaking down to add organic matter back to our clay soils. No prior experience is required, all tools are provided and a proper mulch discussion will take place before work begins.

Stake Removal

Often times when new trees are planted they are staked with various systems of support. Staking should be left on the new trees no more than one growing season. Volunteers will help cut and remove the guy wires and stakes from the trees allowing them to grow unrestricted. No prior experience is required, all tools are provided and this is typically partnered with another workday such as mulching.

Tree PruningKCPL pruning day

Structurally pruning trees when they are young can save not only money in the future but the longevity of the tree. Pruning out co-dominate leaders, crossing and rubbing branches and lifting the canopy of lower limbs encourages a healthy and strong tree. Work is typically done within public right-of-way or on public lands. Prior tree pruning experience is required or graduation from the Tree Keepers course. Tools are provided and a proper pruning discussion will take place before work begins.

HTA_KohlsCorporate Workdays

Looking for an opportunity to get outside and help the community? Heartland Tree Alliance specializes in corporate workdays. Contact Eric Hemphill at eric.hemphillbridgingthegap.org to find out more details and see if an opportunity can be scheduled for your group.