Paving a Path To Sustainability

REV’s Sustainability Circle® Kansas City Pilot Project



In 2015, Bridging The Gap’s Green Business Network convened a Sustainability Circle® with funding from KCP&L to help area businesses create or expand their portfolio of sustainability initiatives. The ultimate goal: Help them identify opportunities for efficiency of resources that ultimately result in cost-savings for their business and healthier, happier employees.


GBN_Sustainability_Circle_2015The Sustainability Circle®, created and managed by California-based consulting firm REV, is a 6-month program that brings together at least two representatives from 10 to 12 businesses to engage in a co-learning journey. Through monthly workshops, individual coaching, on-site meetings, and idea exchange, Circle Participants are guided in the creation of an individualized 5-year Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) spanning their organization’s operations, branding, and culture. The unique structure provides opportunities for participants to not only learn from program speakers and coaches, but also draw inspiration and motivation from their peers. Ten companies participated in the Kansas City Sustainability Circle®: City of Kansas City, Missouri; Posty Cards; KCPT; UMB; Kansas City, MO Public Schools; University of Missouri – Kansas City; Hilshire; Bayer CropScience, Surplus Exchange and the Kansas City Chiefs.


At the conclusion of the Circle project, participants identified an average of 28 initiatives per company with the estimated potential average annual savings per company of:







GBN_Sustainability_Circle_Session1At 6, 12, and 24 months after completing the SAPs, REV re-engages with each company to gather information about completed initiatives, learn of new initiatives and verify achieved savings. In April 2016, REV reported the first 6 months of actual results. The group as a whole had completed 57% of their total 6-month goals and saved more than $100,000 on average per company! Perhaps most exciting, however, was the many new initiatives added to participants’ sustainability action plans since completing the program.



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