Give the Gift of “Favors and Free Passes”

We want to show our children, friends and family our love during the holidays but we don’t want to clutter our houses with more toys, or spend money that should really go into a savings account. A book of coupon favors is a perfect solution. Make this coupon book in less than 10 minutes with our Coupon Book Template.

Suggested Coupons for Kids:Blog_Holiday-Coupon-Book

Skip eating a vegetable at dinner (and still eat dessert)
Stop everything and play a game with me (or read me a story)
Get to stay up 15 minutes later
Be excused from cleaning up the mess after playing

Suggested Coupons for Adults:

15-minute shoulder massage
Cook dinner
Clean dishes
Walk the dog
Put out the trash for a week
Wash the car
Foot massage for 5 minutes
Organizing a fun outing