Energy Efficiency

Bridging the Gap is working with Evergy to help commercial customers take advantage of energy efficiency rebates. These rebates can substantially reduce the cost of upgrading lighting and mechanical systems.

Energy efficiency means using less energy to provide the same level of service. Using more efficient lighting and heating/cooling systems saves resources and is the cheapest and fastest way to cut energynbills and reduce carbon pollution. Energy efficiency is also good for the economy, adding 76,000 net jobsand employing a total of 2.35 million Americans in 2018. In 2014, energy efficiency is estimated to have saved U.S. consumers and businesses $800 billion, or about $2,500 per capita. It also reduced energy consumption by about 58 quadrillion BTUs, which is equal to a pile of coal covering a football field to a height of 175.5 miles. Given these enormous benefits and the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Bridging The Gap believes that energy efficiency is one of the smartest investments the Kansas City region can make.

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