Don’t trash those single-use batteries any more!

It is possible to recycle single-use alkaline and lithium batteries in metro-KC again. Not so long ago there was no energy- and cost-effective way to recycle single-use batteries, but that has changed. However, the recyclable materials in single-use batteries are still of limited value, so there are only three places in the metro area to recycle them.

Residents of participating communities on the Missouri side can dispose of their single-use (and rechargeable) household batteries at no charge at the KCMO Water Services Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Center. If your community is not yet on the list, we encourage you to contact your Mayor and City Council members to tell them you want it to participate.

Residents of Johnson County can dispose of their single-use (and rechargeable) household batteries at the Overland Park HHW Center and the Olathe HHW Center.

In general, businesses* must make their own arrangements with a private firm for battery and other hazardous waste recycling. The one exception is for businesses in Johnson County, KS that meet the classification of Small Quantity Generators, which can dispose of their HHW for a fee at the HHW Centers in Overland Park and Olathe.

These are the three main companies providing HHW disposal services in metro-KC#:

  • Clean Harbors — (913) 491-4051
  • Heritage Environmental Services — (816) 453-4321
  • Solvent Recovery/SRS Engineering Corporation — (816) 474-1391

To learn more about how all kinds of batteries are recycled, go here.

*Businesses are defined as anything other than a resident, i.e., businesses and organizations such as churches, schools, government agencies, and non-profit groups.

#Bridging the Gap does not endorse these businesses, we merely provide their information as a service to our patrons.