UPDATE: Used Medical Equipment

UPDATE 10.19.2017: We learned that RIKC no longer accepts durable medical equipment.

For years, we have had a partnership with the Rehabilitation Institute of KC (RIKC) to recycle hard- and soft-cover books we collect at the drop-off recycling centers we manage for KCMO.

We’re now pleased to report that RIKC recently expanded their services to accept donations of Durable Medical Equipment (DME). Donors are able to deduct the value of reusable DME on their taxes and RIKC is able to then sell it, which raises funds for their programs that provide employment to people with disabilities, extends the useful life of valuable DME (reducing the demand for new DME), and provides a lower-cost alternative for people who need DME.

RIKC will even accept DME that is no longer reusable but can be recycled. If the DME has no monetary value, however, RIKC may require a fee which the owner may deduct from her taxes.

In many cases, RIKC will pick the DME up, too.

Unfortunately, due to space constraints, we cannot accept DME at our drop-off recycling centers, but RIKC accepts donations of the following equipment from both individuals and institutions:

  • Manual and power wheel chairs
  • Children’s mobility equipment i.e. specialized tricycles, bicycles, walkers, standers, and adjustable tables
  • Grab bars, canes, and walkers
  • Portable metal ramps
  • Scooters
  • Chair recliners
  • Hospital furniture such as adjustable beds
  • Rehabilitative exercise equipment
  • Low-vision and communicative devices

RIKC is not able to accept the following, however:

  • Medical sharps
  • Hazardous materials
  • Prosthetics
  • Medical supplies, medicine, and nutritional formulas
  • Highly technical equipment (call first!)
  • Equipment not appropriate for either reuse or recycling

To make an equipment donation or to purchase equipment, please contact