Citizens’ Climate Education Conference

Citizens’ Climate Education Conference
November 11 – 13
Simpson House, 4509 Walnut Street, KCMO

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In a few weeks the Citizens’ Climate Education organization is hosting its regional conference in Kansas City. It is a perfect opportunity for anyone wanting to learn more about climate change, how to get involved and be more active. This year’s agenda is full of promising topics, including:

  • Policy solutions to climate change
  • Roadmap to passing carbon fee & dividend legislation
  • Building political will through forming strategic alliances
  • How to build a relationship with anyone
  • Sessions to improve your depth of knowledge on climate change impacts and your ability to communicate with others about it

About Citizens’ Climate Education

Our mission is to educate the public, media, volunteers and members of Congress on climate change solutions. CCE gives people the training, tools and information necessary to reclaim their citizenship in a time when many have lost faith in our government’s ability to provide meaningful solutions to our biggest problems. We teach people that our government still responds to the will of its people, provided the people tell the government what they want. CCE guides citizens through the non-partisan process of building relationships with policy-makers. After our members learn how to effectively communicate their desires, CCE provides reliable information about climate change and policy solutions from a number of vantages — economic, health, security, energy, and science. It is through this training and education that constituents are able to take the reins and lead elected officials toward solutions that will leave a livable world for future generations.