Can Cork Make Fabulous Jewelry? You Bet-cha!


One of the most challenging synergies in KC-BPS’ history has been something relatively simple: cork! Not cork boards, not cork for wine bottles but 1-inch, perfect square pieces that could have many practical uses, right?

KC-BPS members spent months trying to find someone to repurpose Harley-Davidson’s synthetic cork, which are small pieces used during shipment that are inserted between mufflers to prevent scratching.

We approached frame shops, cabinet builders, schools, and even ranchers to be used as soft footing for horse stalls and no one wanted it. Finally, a jewelry designer offered to experiment with the cork to make necklaces. The designer’s creativity has allowed Harley-Davidson to keep this elusive by-product from going to the landfill.

Synergy MetricsBTGblog_Cork-01
8 lbs of cork diverted from the landfill

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Harley-Davidson Motor Company