Businesses: Now is the time to upgrade equipment for energy efficiency

Do you have HVAC systems, pumps, motors, compressed air devices or chillers which need to be replaced?  NOW IS THE TIME TO UPGRADE, BEFORE KCP&L CURRENT REBATES EXPIRE IN MARCH.  On top of regular rebates, there is an extra 10% incentive for non-lighting, custom projects for the next few months!  KCP&L is authorized by Missouri state law to help businesses become more energy efficient.  Rebates generally take 2-5 year paybacks and turn them into 1-1.5 year paybacks!

You don’t have to replace existing equipment (though you may want to if it’s at the end of its life). Example scenarios and an idea of costs/paybacks:

  • Add controls or sensors to optimize performance of your 8-year-old rooftop AC unit. For a 10-ton unit, this may cost roughly $8,000, and you’d get roughly $4,000 back in rebates.  You’d recover the remaining $4,000 in about a year in reduced electricity costs.
  • Add a speed controller to HVAC fans for about $1,000 and receive 50-75% back in rebates. Recover the remaining money within about a year.
  • Already planning replacement of aging HVAC units? The program will cover up to 75% of the cost premium as well as the current 10% bonus. You receive better equipment and recover the cost premium in lower bills. The ROI is too good to pass up.

At no cost to you, KCP&L can provide guidance on eligible projects and investment/payback analysis.  It will never be easier—or cheaper. Contact a KCP&L energy efficiency representative to get started as soon as possible and take advantage of this limited time bonus!