Businesses: Host a Pollution Intern

Pollution Prevention Intern Program — Now Accepting Applications for Host Companies

The Pollution Prevention Institute, or PPI, part of Kansas State University Engineering Extension, is now accepting applications to host a pollution prevention intern for summer 2020. During their 10-week placements, interns will research and develop projects for their host companies that will prevent pollution using source-reduction strategies. Common undertakings include researching more-energy-efficient equipment, introducing recycled streams of water or solvents to reduce usage of fresh, and replacing toxic materials with less-harmful alternatives. Since the program began in 2006, PPI interns have recommended approximately 400 projects related to sustainability and identified the following cumulative potential annual savings:

  • 88,900 MWh of electricity
  • 3,107,800 therms of natural gas
  • 382,153,500 gallons of water
  • 16,500 tons of waste
  • 83,500 MTCO2e
  • $14.6 million

For more information, including case studies from past interns or to apply to host an intern in 2020, visit PPI’s website or contact Lynelle Ladd at, or 800-578-8898. Application screening begins Dec. 27. Not sure if your facility has projects for a 10-week placement? PPI offers site visits to assess pollution prevention opportunities at no cost or obligation, or shorter-term intern placement options may also be available.