3 Trails / Bannister Recycling Center Permanently Closed


Bridging The Gap’s 3 Trails / Bannister Recycling Center is permanently closed due to the Cerner development. We are currently in negotiations for a new location. Information will be posted as soon as we have more details.

We thank the community for their interest regarding the relocation of the South Recycling Center. We’re always glad to know that people really care about the recycling services we provide in partnership with the City of Kansas City, Missouri. It has proven more time-consuming to relocate the center than we had hoped, but we are most certainly still committed to operating a center in south KCMO. We have identified a new site and the City is in the process of finalizing all the legal arrangements to reopen. Residents are always welcome to contact their City Councilmembers to tell them you strongly support the drop-off recycling centers.  Thank you for your patience as we continue to work on securing a new location!

Additionally, we are no longer accepting styrofoam at any of our Recycling Center locations.

In the current economic market, there is no environmentally-correct program for styrofoam recycling. To re-manufacture styrofoam, you need a minimum of 2 tons of pristine white foam, which is equivalent to four tractor trailers. The CO2 emissions of the collection and then the delivery of the foam to the re-manufacturer negates all environmental benefits. We will evaluate again as the market changes.